Hello, I'm Raphael Nieto, a senior visual designer and musician living in New York City. Coming from a multi-cultural background, I've been exposed to many forms of expression; same which have given me a much broader outlook on life, and have influenced my work.

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With a B.A. in multimedia design, I currently offer graphic and web design services across multiple platforms including web, print, and mobile design. I'm particularly passionate about application design and business logo designs, and enjoy the process of developing custom logos and interfaces from scratch.

"Behind every graphic design project that I take on (whether it may be custom website design, print design or mobile design), lays a deep understanding and involvement that is based on my client's needs, research, and many hours of sketching and brainstorming. I strive to turn ideas into conclusive visual solutions that provide a positive impact on products and services."

Within the realms of visual communication, I've always had a need to make drawing and sketching a part of the creative process. I realize however, that this is not "a must" for every graphic designer out there, but it's definitely an important part of the process for me.

professional website designers, web design firms, freelance web design, business logo designers, custom logo, business card logo design

In addition to graphic design, a big part of my life has always been music. Growing-up in the eighties, I instinctively embraced music from Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder; as well as from Latin American bands such as: Maná, Soda Stereo, and Café Tacuba. I'm a self-taught multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitar, bass, and piano), and I enjoy writing songs both in English and Spanish.

As a teenager, the process of recording music was always fascinating to me. Looking back at my early recordings, I can honestly say that they were far from impressive, but were fun to produce nonetheless, and served as a great medium of expression. Little by little, I came to produce better recordings through the years, and improved my song-writing skills as well.

This passion for music eventually lead to the opportunity to record some of my songs in a professional studio, where I developed music editing skills in ProTools, and learned a great deal about music production from many different sound engineers. Ever since, I've continued to informally write and record different genres of music, and enjoy exploring new instruments as well. You can listen to my music here.

Photography and Illustration are also artistic fields that I've always been interested in. I have many fond memories from my childhood years, attempting to illustrate everything in sight with small a piece of charcoal in my left hand. Nowadays, I mostly enjoy illustrating in simple lines (no colors, no shadows). In Photography, I've produced landscapes, portraits, and some commercial work as well. I've received some formal training for both Photography and Illustration, however at this time I simply enjoy these fields as hobbies.

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If you're looking for a professional visual designer, small business logo designs, business card designs or any other graphic design services; please contact me here for freelance graphic design work.

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