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Designing a logo and a responsive website for a luxury clothes line start up in New York City.

My role: Web designer and logo designer.

The tools used: Adobe CS, Sketch, and a dotted notepad.

The "client": Niente.




The challenge:
Design the identity for a unique and independent American-Italian clothes line based in Brooklyn, NY. "Niente" originates from the Italian word "Nothing", which according to the founder Ralph Santi is based on the idea of the line not trying to "be anything" (or nothing) when compared to what's been done before. Santi requested responsive web design work as well.

The solution:
In this case, since the project's starting focal point was branding, it made sense to begin with that. Some of the common questions related to: Target, competitors, and company philosophy were basic to kick things off, followed by numerous iterations until narrowing it down to 2 - 3 concepts. Finally, 1 concept was defined and the responsive web designs were developed.


The brand:
The letter E crossed out, is meant to convey the idea that a brand comparable is non-existent.

logo 1.jpeg
logo 2.jpeg

Responsive Web Design:
Once we got a good brand, based off of research, good feedback, and teamwork; responsive web design took place based off signature elements of the brand and other inspirational sources that Santi wanted to capture.

tablet and mobile.jpeg
mock up iphone and tablet.jpeg
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